Online registration system

If you are an organizer, you can register players yourself by filling in their information (name, photo, phone number, etc.) from their registration sheets you receive via post.

This way you have an up-to-date list of participants, and you can associate the players with their characters so that their photos appear in character and group sheets.

But, Larpwriter also allows you to build an online registration form where your players can directly register themselves. You choose what information should be asked (for example name, email, photo, character name), add an explanatory text, and decide when you want to allow access to the registration form.

Then you just publish the link for the registration form on your website or forum so that your players know to go there and register. Their registration request is accepted only when they fill in all the required fields, making it easy for you to collect readable information about your players.

You are notified by email when a new player requests to register. You can then read their registration request and modify it if need be. When you are satisfied that their registration request is valid (for instance, when you have received their payment), you can create their corresponding player page with just one click. You also have the option of creating the character they described in their registration request.

Character & group PDF sheets generation and email sending

With Larpwriter you have the ability to create characters and groups for your larp. You can associate a player with a character, define relationships between characters, and create groups of characters.

In one click you can get the PDF version of a character (or group) sheet. It contains everything that you wrote about the character (except notes for organizers), the player name and their details, and the name and details of the organizer in charge. The photo of the other character players who have a relationship with the character are automatically inserted. This way a player will know in advance the faces of the characters that their character is supposed to know.

You can also associate one or more documents with a character (or with a group). They are automatically inserted with the character sheet in a ZIP file. If a character belongs to a group, the group sheet is automatically inserted.

To pass on this PDF (or ZIP) file to the player you can:

  1. download yourself this file and send it to the player
  2. or send yourself to the player an address on the website from which he can download the file himself
  3. or in one click have Larpwriter send to the player an email telling him how he can download from the website the file himself (also in one click such an email can be sent for each player of one group, or for each player of the larp)

Access to information

With the search engine you can find all characters, groups, documents, players or organizers that contain your search query.

The "Last seen" menu lists the previous pages you visited. With this menu you can easily switch between the different pages of a small set of characters, groups, or documents that you are currently working on.

All the names of characters, groups, and documents that appear on a page are automatically transformed into clickable links. For example, if you want to read the background of character A and it mentions character B, the name of character A is a link that directs you to the page of character B. In a big or complex larp, this permits you to quickly navigate through characters, groups, and documents when you need to find something fast.

If you leave your mouse on one of these links without clicking, a popup window will appear and will show you all the information of the page pointed by the link. This allows you to quickly get information without having to change page.

You can receive a daily email that lists of the changes made to your larp by the organizers.

Character and group relationship management

You can create relationships between characters and describe the nature of those relationships. Larpwriter allows you to make sure that there are no missing relationships by displaying a warning on a character's page:

  • If there are other characters who have relationships to him/her, but he/she does not have relationships to them;
  • If a relationship to another character has no corresponding reverse relationship, that is to say, if the other character has no relationship to the character.

To easily check the coherence of relationships, you can also display side by side the relationship of a character A with a character B and the relationship of the character B with the character A.

Finally you can get on a single page a list of all characters with missing relationships.

You can do the same to manage relationships between groups.